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Plug and play!

This is updated wiring kit for the LowRider CNC, and the Mostly Printed CNC.

If you intend on using an extruder or other add-ons that use a 4th stepper use the Series kit. If you want to try the Dual Endstop Firmware use the Individual kit. The individual kit only works on the Full sized RAMBo, Archim, and Ramps boards, the Series kit works on all boards.


Wire lengths 

Series - 1M (39.5") between plugs, 26AWG.

Individual- 1.5M (60"), 22AWG.

You should tape or otherwise secure the connections to relieve any stress of repetitive motion. Matching clip side to clip side should make your steppers move in the correct directions, if not flip one of the stepper plugs to reverse its direction.


More info, Series, Individual (Dual Endstops).