Mini-RAMBo 1.3

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Genuine New Ultimachine Mini-RAMBo boards.

This board will be pre-flashed with The Mostly Printed CNC firmware and comes with one terminal block for power.

If you intend on using an extruder or a heated bed you will need to buy 1-3 more terminal blocks found here Terminal blocks. This is in an effort to minimize the price on this board as many of you will not need more than one. There are also USB cords if you do not already own one here.

If you want the dual endstop MPCNC Firmware you need the full rambo, not the mini.

For more information please see this post.

From UltiMachines Site,

This is Mini-Rambo v1.3a. The Mini-Rambo board is an all in one 3D printer motherboard. It is a compact version of our RAMBo v1.3L design with the Arduino MEGA and stepper drivers all on one integrated PCB. A great alternative board if you need just the basics!

Major Features - 4 x integrated 1/16th microstep motor drivers, 4 PWM Mosfet outputs, 3 thermistor inputs, pwm motor current control (no tiny knobs to tweak), SMPS supports hostless printing on power supply voltages from 10-28V DC, 2 fuse protected power rails (Heated Bed, 15A 10-35V, and Primary Power 10A 10-28V: Motors (5A dedicated fuse) + Extruders, Fans, & Logic (5A dedicated fuse)), LUFA USB, high quality connectors, did I say hacker friendly ...