LowRider v3 Hardware kit

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Hardware bundle for the LR3, all sizes.


Part QTY
Nema 17 5
Belt GT2 10mm
Pulley 16t gt2 10mm 3
Idler 20t gt2 10mm 6
Power Supply 12V
Wiring kit 3
Bearings 14
110mm leadscrew/nut 2
5-8mm Coupler 2

MGN12H Linear Rails 150mm

Lube 1
Hardware QTY
5/16x1.5 14
5/16 locknut 14
M5 x 30 100
M5 locknut 100
M3x10 40
M2.5x12 10
Wood screws #4 x 1/2" 24



Still needed -

Your own Control Board, Rambo (has 4 endstops and wires you will need another of each) or SKR Pro (does not include endstops or endstop wires).I am working on getting more wires and switches, but currently this is the odd situation.

 Printed parts

Flat parts

EMT Conduit or other suitable X and Y rails.

a table to use it on,

a router or other tool,

and some cable ties (working on getting some), or other methods of securing wires.

You will also need some 3-5.3mm wood or other material for the Strut plates,

and possibly an endmill to cut them with. More info on all the parts in the docs.



New LR3 Parts, I will be making these to order so they typically will take a few days to ship until things stabilize, and the future price could be different from what you pay. If it goes down within one week of your order I will refund you the difference, of course I will not charge you if it goes up. If you are uncomfortable with that, please wait a week or two for me to figure this new build inventory and shipping out.


While Supplies last

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