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CNC milled 1/4" 611 plate and 1/2" sides, complete flat part set. Currently MDF.

You will still need, printed parts, hardware bundle, corresponding stainless rails, and a spindle. Shown here.

You need to choose what rails size you want. In the US 25.4mm (1") OD is the most common. You will need to get the rails from a metal supplier, these are not common big box pipes. For info see the parts page.


Name qty Thickness
611 plate 2 1 1/4″
Y plate 2 1/2″


Dan has partnered up with me for a while now. He offers the sets at a lower price than I could and provides a commission to V1 for each one he ships. Win, win, win!

**These will be shipped separately and do not qualify for free shipping, the price will be counted in the order total to qualify for free shipping if you buy other items.