Questions-Please use the forums.

I prefer all questions be asked in the forums unless it pertains to personal information such as address, email, or an order you have already placed.

If your question does not pertain to personal information I will direct you to post it in the forums. I am not asking you to search the forums but please, post all questions there.


Inventory Status

The current world situation has slowed large shipments both internationally and domestic. Please have patience and stay safe.

Rambo Boards are on order but Ulimachine is doing their best to keep up with increased demand.

Be notified when your item is restocked, You can be notified of an items restocking by signing up in the shop for an email for each item you are waiting for.


Shipping costs

No need to email and ask how much shipping is, I do not know as it depends on your order and your address. The cart does a great job at telling you exactly how much it costs. More basic cost info here.

Shipping taking longer than expected

If you are an international customer and you package has left the USA but does not seem to be moving any longer, please check with your local customs or mail office. Typically it is waiting for an import tax payment and they seem to only send out notices in some countries, please be proactive as there is nothing I can do from my end once it leaves the US.

The site can sometimes provide more detailed tracking info, 17Track.




Delays are to be expected, shipping is taking longer than usual (think holiday times). Stay safe and hopefully we can put this behind us all soon.