MPCNC Build Kit - Primo Version

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Parts bundle for The Mostly Printed CNC "Primo" version


This will work with all 3 versions, 23.5mm, 25mm, 25.4mm, of the Primo MPCNC.

*You will still need to buy a control board, printed parts, rails, and a spindle/tool.* *optional but recommended is an LCD as well for headless use*

It is recommended to buy the series version. Please note the Dual Endstop kit is not super beginner-friendly. If you do not have some experience with this stuff but might want to try that out later.

Bundle Contents

Part QTY Info
Nema 17 70Oz/in+ 5
Belt GT2 10mm 3M Enough for a recommended build size. Please see the Calculator to determine exactly how much you will need. ORDERED IN METERS
Pulley 16t gt2 10mm 4
Idler 20t gt2 10mm 8
Power Supply 1 12V 6A. 120/220 with US cord, cords for other countries are not an option, but it is a standard connection and can be found locally.
Wiring kit 1 Series is recommended, Individual is for dual endstop firmware only and require endstops.
Bearings 45
T8 leadscrew & nut 1
5mm to 8mm Coupler 1
Lube 1
*Control Board 1 Optional
Hardware QTY
5/16x1.5 46
5/16 locknut 46
M5 x 30 65
M5 locknut 65
M3x10 24
M2.5x12 10

Dual firmware kits on the Rambo do not work with extruders, there are no drivers left over.