Mostly Printed CNC Parts Bundle

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Parts bundle for The Mostly Printed CNC "Burly" version


A New Version is being tested...this is the previous version.

This works with all 3 versions (23.5mm, 25mm, 25.4mm), Burly version.

*You will still need  printed parts, conduit, and a spindle.* *optional but recommended is an LCD as well for headless use*

Options; The control board you choose is optional,  RAMBo 5 driver Control board Kit Dual firmware, or standard.

I should point out the Dual Endstop kit is not beginner friendly. If you do not have some experience with this stuff but might want to try that out later.


It is recommended to buy the series version with a full Rambo board and add a dual wiring kit to your order.

Bundle Contents

1 Wiring Kit you choose which one INFO
1 Mini-RAMBo 4 driver , Rambo 5 driver, Archim1 32bit 5 driver, or No control board. Boards come flashed with firmware, drivers set, usually plug and play.
5 NEMA 17 steppers - 76OZ/in
1 Power supply 12v 5A 120/220 with US cord, I can not offer cords for other countries but it is standard connection and can be found locally.
4 GT2 16 Tooth Pulleys, 2 set screws each
53 608-2rs bearings
1 T8 Leadscrew 300mm
1 Brass T8 Nut
1 1cc Super lube
1 Aluminum coupler
1 BOLTS 5/16 x 5
12 BOLTS 5/16 x 2.5
2 BOLTS 5/16 x 1.5
28 BOLTS 5/16 x 1.25
43 Lock Nuts 5/16
57 SCREW #6-32 x .75
57 LOCK NUTs #6-32
24 M3x10  for Nema 17's
13ft GT2 Belt enough for any combination of 48" of X and Y axis length (footprint), if you would like a larger machine please see this for how much extra belt and rail you will need. If you need more add it to the cart at the same time and it will be combined.
25 Cable ties


11/24/18-Added lube to the kit.

Dual firmware kits do not work with extruders, no drivers left over.