LowRider v3 Hardware kit

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Hardware bundle for the LR3, all sizes.


Part QTY
Nema 17 5
Belt GT2 10mm
Pulley 16t gt2 10mm 3
Idler 20t gt2 10mm 6
Power Supply 1
Wiring kit 3
Bearings 14
110mm leadscrew/nut 2
5-8mm Coupler 2

MGN12H Linear Rails 150mm

Lube 1
Hardware QTY
5/16x1.5 14
5/16 locknut 14
M5 x 30 100
M5 locknut 100
M3x10 40
M2.5x12 10
Wood screws #4 x 1/2" 24



Still needed -

Your own Control Board, Rambo (has endstops) or SKR Pro (does not include endstops).

Printed parts

Flat parts

EMT Conduit or other suitable X and Y rails.

a table to use it on,

a router or other tool,

and some cable ties (working on getting some), or other methods of securing wires.

You will also need some 3-5.3mm wood or other material for the Strut plates,

and possibly an endmill to cut them with. More info on all the parts in the docs.



New LR3 Parts, I will be making these to order so they typically will take a few days to ship until things stabilize, and the future price could be different from what you pay. If it goes down within one week of your order I will refund you the difference, of course I will not charge you if it goes up. If you are uncomfortable with that, please wait a week or two for me to figure this new build inventory and shipping out.